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    I Can't Create my jar File

      I have a package called voiceexpert which contains three classes: Disease, DiagnosingEngine and Symptoms which is a JavaBean. Symptoms makes use of Disease and DiagnosingEngine objects.

      voiceexpert is stored in the directory: c:\diagapp3

      I compiled Symptoms.java as below:
      c:\diagapp3> javac -d . Symptoms.java

      The class files for Disease.java, DiagnosingEngine.java and Symptoms.java are placed in the directory: voiceexpert.

      I created a Manifest.txt file inside c:\diagapp3 containing the following:




      I later created the jar file with the command:

      jar cfm jjj.jar Manifest.txt voiceexpert\*.*

      But, I am having the error message: "*invalid header field*".

      What can I do to remove this error?

      Note: I created the Manifest.txt using utf-8 encoding. My code is to be used in a third-party application and that is why it does not contain a main method.

      The link I was referred to could not help me. I need help please!

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