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    Can you alter the JVM heap space size for all Windows users?


      I have used the "-Xmx" option to increase the Java Heap space for my Java application. This works fine, but all other users on my system still have the default heap space setting and I want them to have use an increased heap space as well. I cannot alter the JVM heap space at the command line since our Java application is started via an ActiveX bridge from a Windows application.

      So far I have found one potential, but not really good solution; I have figured out that I can copy the deployment.properties file containing the altered JVM heap setting from the "Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment" folder in my own Windows "Documents and Settings" folder to the same folder of another user. However, this is not a really good solution since we are running a system with about 60 users and often new user accounts are created and sometimes people forget to copy the deployment.properties file.

      Does anyone know a better solution. I've tried to search the Windows registry or the JRE files for a default JVM heap space setting but I can't find it anywhere. Still on some systems the default is 64Mb and on others 96Mb, so I guess there must be a setting somewhere?