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    ClassNotFoundException from packager

      I tried to convert a simple bean to activex component by using command 'packager'. But there is a exception I cann't solve it.
      First, I write a very simple bean like:
      class A {
           private String str = null;
           public static void main(String[] args) {
                System.out.println("A is exceuted.");
           public String getStr() {
                return str;
           public void setStr(String s) {
                this.str = s;
      And make it a jar file named test.jar.

      Then I use the command like this:
      packager -clsid {blabla} -out "blabla" -reg test.jar A
      I have already added test.jar to classpath, but it still notices me :

      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: class A : java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Class java.beans.Beans can not access a member of class A with modifiers ""

      I don't know where the problem is, some one please helps me. T_T