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    Unable to access a bean dll in J2RE1.4.2_11

      ASP page which was hosted on IIS is hung forever without any rendering when I am trying to access the java bean functionality through a bean dll which was placed under J2RE1.4.2_11\axbridge\bin and being registered with windows registray using regsvr32 command. In the eventviewer I am not seeing any error.

      However, same page rendered correctly when I placed the same bean dll under J2RE1.4.2\axbridge\bin.

      I tried with several 1.4.2_XX JRE's, however I can see the ASP page working correctly with 1.4.2 only.

      Can any one let me what could be the reason this type of behaviour? Is there any limitation of using J2RE version otherthan 1.4.2?