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    problem with calling DLL function!

      I have a activeX object - file1.dll file, I want to load this dll on my java bean with jni.
      I have so problem:
      when I loaded library whith System.loadLibrary it doesn't work, bat in c++ it works, I recognized that problem was in dll file. I make new newfile.dll on c++ , which calls this old file1.dll file and overide its methods. I tested working newfile.dll on c++ with no problem, bat when I go on java,it's again problem. java loads the new newfile.dll with no problem, bat when newfile.dll creates dispath's file1.dll (CreateDispatch( "AddIn.FPrnM45",&x)) to call old dll, it stops and dispose JVM and stops java application too.

      when I unregister this activexObject , java and c++ throws the same exeption : Invalid class string.

      what can I do? enyone has some idea?