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    JRE & JDK v1.5.0_12 Upgrade

      Hi, I am part of a big organisation, we need to upgrade our servers and workstations with JRE and JDK v1.5.0_12. It is very difficult to schedule a time to upgrade the servers. I would like to know if we MUST upgrade servers and workstations at the same time or it doesn't matter if the workstation runs v1.5.0_12 and the server (Database and application server) runs JDK v1.5.0_4 and be updated at a later time.

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          #1. In almost all cases, you don't need the JDK. You only need the JDK if developers are going to be writing java code on that machine. If all you need is to be able to run java, install the JRE instead

          #2. It's impossible for us to know what your work setup is like. It might be possible for you to upgrade some of your systems and not all of them.

          In general, when doing a java update, you should create a test environment that is a microcosm of your entire setup - one machine for each type of machine (ie desktop, server) that you will be changing. Install the new java and then test all of your apps and make sure that they work