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    THE FIX : Error 1327 invalid drive

      I and many people have received this error while trying to install the java runtime environment and perhaps other programs. After tinkering with several options I finally resolved the issue. These two following steps are probably your cause of error, B is the most common.

      There is two possible causes.
      A. Misnamed drive. SImply open control panel, then switch to classic view if using windows xp, and click on administrator tools, go to computer management. Go to disk management, right click and rename disk and paths if they are wrong. This could be a probablem but It wasn't the problem for me and isn't for most people.

      B. Registry problem. Go to start > run > type regedit, open it. Go to edit then Find type whichever drive it gives you the error for. For me it said invalid drive F, so in the find text box type "F:\" . Only check the data section, so it searches for entries with "F:\" in the data part. It may find some results, some of them may be for powerpoints or files that you may have had on a removal disk so ignore them. Try to find one that is something that should be on your main drive, usually C:\. The error I found and fixed was with my pictures archive. Edit the data entry and change the drive from F:\, or whatever is your invalid drive error, to your main system drive, usually C:\

      Hope that fixes your problem, it fixed mine!