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    Java Update Breaks Java Applications Running as Windows Service

      I have a Java Application that I developed to run as a Windows Service. I have used both Install4j and NativeJ to create the proper .exe to run as a Windows Service. When the service is running, if Java is Updated/Auto Updated, it breaks the service. At this point it will not even start.

      I get the following error trying to start the service.

      Could not start the XXXX service on Local Computer.
      Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

      Which is pretty generic...

      Is anyone else having this problem? I even used the code in the tutorial from NativeJ on creating a windows service. to remove the possibility that it may be something in my code, and the results are still the same.

      To replicate:
      1. Downgrade Java to a version < latest.
      2. Install Java Application as Windows Server (nativeJ tutorial has a very easy one).
      3. Start Service
      4. Update Java.
      5. Service will no longer start.

      Any suggestions, comments, etc. are much appreciated.

      Thank you!