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    Embedding Java Swing application in cell/mobiule phones

      I have designed a life insurance premium calculator (LIC Premium Calculator) with 9 text fields, 2 textareas and 2 buttons with Swing components with MS Access database.It is a stand alone application with a total diskspace requirement of around 9 MB. I have created a jar file and it is working excellently in my
      computer. It is also working on other platforms where JVM is available. The people in the life insurance industry have applauded the application and they
      very much wish to see in their cell/mobile phones, because, it relieves a lot of drudgery in calculation of premiums of 4 or 5 plans suitable to his client, in
      the meantime embarassingly keeping his client idle.

      Can this application be embedded in the Cell/Mobile Phone as a stand alone application?

      Clarification to my point of doubt will be highly appreciated. Also I shall be happy to hear the alternative means for materializing my desire to see my
      application in the Cell/Mobile Phones.