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    Error Updating Java to version 19

      W2K fully patched system running 6.18 java. Connected through router to ISP.
      When I try to check for updates, I get the error message in the FAQ

      'This installer cannot proceed with the current Internet Connection settings of this system. Please check your Control Panel -> Internet Options, and make sure the settings and proxy information are correct'

      I'm not using any proxy. I verified in IE6 and Firefox that all proxy settings are disabled, and used a "what is my ip"
      website to verify that my IP is from my ISP's range.

      Is the update trying to use some weird port that the ISP may have blocked? I can surf without issue, and thus can
      manually download the update to install it, but it looks like there's a problem.

      (If try the same computer and router with a different ISP, the update check works. I.e., I haven't made any changes to the PC, only to the ISP. Doesn't this indicate the ISP is blocking something that the update misconstrues as a proxy problem?)