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    Problem with install Java EE 5 SDK Update 4

      Hi, all!

      I have the problem with install java EE 5 SDK Update 4. The Installation stop on the step "Select Installation Directory". It happened when i chose installation directory D:\Sun\SDK when i click the next-button then installation stoped, not responding (except paticular requests). The buttons: "next", "back", "cancel", "help" are not available, but the button "browse" available and a can change installation directory, but the button "next" is not available and i can not move the next step. And when i click the close icon, i see the message "Are you sure want to end this program"-->Yes "Deleting temporary file..."
      Befor this there was interrupted installation this paket. It continued more them 2 hours and was interrupted. After this i have the subj.
      Befor this I have install J2SE Runtime Environment and J2SE Development Kit update 1.
      Windows XP Prof, sp3. Login as admin, free space above 60 Gb.
      Give me advice, please, anybody.