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    Java EE 6 SDK installer contradiction error

      I am trying to install Java EE 6 SDK with Glassfishv3 in a Windows XP 64-bit environment. The installer proceeds through the initial set up questions. Then, Glassfish refuses to proceed because it cannot find the JDK directory. Of course, it cannot, because it has not been installed, yet. The download page does not state that the Java SE SDK has to be resident in order to install the Java EE SDK.

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          I'm having the exact same problem. During the Java EE 6 SDK installer, I get a dialog box that says "No valid JDKs or JREs were tetected on this system, and no JDK is included in this installer. You must specify a path to a custom JDK or JRE."

          I even tried pointing it to my JRE directory, but that didn't work either. So what exactly is the prerequisite for installing the Java EE 6 SDK? Do you need some other kind of Java development kit first? Also, I'm getting confused in the alphabet soup -- is there a difference between a JDK and a Java SDK?

          Any insight would be great - thanks!
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            Hello new developer friends,

            I was looking around for the same answer when I found your post which gave me some insights and now I'm able to say that the first thing you have to do is install the JDK component which you find at this link:


            Then install Java EE 6 SDK. For me now it is running smoothly... LOL... But, I've got a problem: Where the hell are the development window? huahuahuahua

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              It tried the above suggestion, but the download keeps failing with a range of error messages. The last one is always "Maximum Retries Exceeded"

              The preceeding errors include:

              Frequent disconnecting and reconnecting to server.

              Could not rename work queue file from C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\.SunDownloadManager\SDMWorkQueue.properties to C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\.SunDownloadManager\SDMWorkQueue.properties%

              My internet service is 768 kbps DSL through Verizon.

              I tried installing the program both from the install file run from my desktop and directly from the Download server.

              Any ideas?
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                Cancel my last comment.
                It turns out that the errors only occur when using the Download Manager.
                If I click on the direct download link, then it works properly.