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    Silent reinstall (noobie question)

      Hello all,

      I am trying to put together an installer that does the following:
      1) Downloads the latest JDK
      2) Installs the JDK to a specified directory
      3) Install my application

      On unistall of my application do the following:
      1) Unistall my application files
      2) Uninstall my local JDK

      I would like to do this without modifying registry settings so that end users machine environment doesn't get messed up.
      Is it possible to install the JDK like this, ie"locally"?

      Secondly while testing, I tried to run the JDK installer silently into another location (without removing the first install) and it doesn't run. If I run in interactive mode, a dialog appears that requests user input to proceed with the installation because it has determined that it is already installed. Is there a switch to force the reinstall? This ties into the above question because if I could install "locally" without affecting the registry settings, I don't think the installer would prompt for this.