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    Netscape versus IE in jsp:uix


      in the present moment i'm having 2 problems with developing jsp pages with uix tags. The first one is that the tag <uix:form> in IE produces the corresponding <form> html tag but in netscape that tag isn't generated (making impossible to submit forms);

      the second one is with date fields. In IE the date comes with the desired format (dd-mm-yyyy) but in netscape the format is mm/dd/yy.

      Does anyone have some ideas? should not this issues be handled by the uix framework?

      thanks in advanced


      P.S.: IE 6 and Netscape 7 with jDeveloper 10g
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          Thanks for including the version information! UIX most certainly handles differences between IE and Netscape 7 in a way that should be transparent to the developer. The problems you report sound odd. Can you provide a more complete example of a page that exhibits this problem so I can try to debug it?

          UIX Team