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    Turn off generation of button icons

      Is it possible to turn off the generation of the images for buttons and use the default buttons of the client's browser instead? For Windows XP the buttons of IE look nicer than the UIX buttons.
      I'm using UIX 2.2
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          If you want to change the entire look of your application to be based more on the browser's native components, you can switch it to the Minimal Look and Feel. In MLAF, buttons render as standard HTML buttons.

          If you only want to get native-looking buttons inside an otherwise BLAF page, you can use <html:button>, I guess. It wouldn't be as well integrated with regard to firing events, but it would work. <html:button> by default is a submit button; if you wanted to use UIX's form submission mechanism (with its ability to add additional parameters on submit), you could use <html:button type="button" onClick="submitForm(...)" />.

          Hope this helps. Note that functionality that is being explored for a future release includes the ability to use a component from one LAF (like the MLAF button) in another LAF. What version that will be in is not yet clear.

          UIX Team