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    Tns Could not resolve the identifier specified

      After searching the net and ending up at Re: windows 2000 and oracle driver I still have the problem of "Tns could not resolve the identifier specified".


      I have an ASP.net webservice running on IIS on two windows 2003 servers (loadbalancing) using the system.data.oracleclient dll to connect to an Oracle 10g database (again loadbalancing using 2 databaseservers) with the following connectionstring:

      Password=xxx;User ID=xxx;Data SourceCLSPRDSRV;Persist Security Info=True

      tnsping and sqlplus works fine (from the 2 webservers). The webservice itself works fine as well but not always. Sometimes the users get the "tns could not resolve the identifier specified" error, but not always and after trying a second time the webservice gives no error and does its job fine.

      What I found about the error is that it is a fault in the tnsnames.ora or in the connectionstring, but then I expect that it should not work at all...

      Does anyone has an idea of what could be wrong?

      PS: the situation and configuration is 100% the same on all the machines in the loadbalancing (webservers, databaseservers, etc...) and the error appears on both the webservers so not just for only one machine...