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    bc4j and intermedia ordDeliverMedia


      I have a the following view object setup:
      For a row of VO1, there exists multiple child rows in VO2. For each child row of VO2, there exists multiple child rows in VO3.

      VO3 has rows containing ORDDOC columns which are easily rendered using the following code:
      <bc4j:attrScope name="Graph">
          <html:object width="150"
            <boundAttribute name="data">
              <bc4j:ordProperty name="url"/>
            <boundAttribute name="type">
              <bc4j:ordProperty name="contentType"/>
              <boundAttribute name="text">
                  <![CDATA[<embed width="150" height="600" src="]]>
                  <bc4j:ordProperty name="url"/>
                  <![CDATA[" type="]]>
                  <bc4j:ordProperty name="contentType"/>
      However, when I display a VO1 -> VO2 -> VO3 view, which contains multiple VO2 rows, ONLY the ORDDOC content in the last row of VO3 is rendered properly. The other VO3 rows render their various other column data appropriately, but don't render the ORDDOC column. Of course, the above rendering code is executed in appropriately-scoped bc4j:viewObjectScope and bc4j:rowStamp tags for VO1, VO2 and VO3.

      It appears that the ordDeliverMedia servlet doesn't work too well under these conditions. I do not have the code for the servlet, yet a decompiled version tells me that there are a few options beyond the documented ReleaseMode servlet init parameter.

      I don't know where to start with this issue, so please do advise.


      PS Please ignore the embed code contained within the object code of the above data; this is to render SWF- and SVG-formatted documents appropriately. To reiterate, this rendering code "works" in the case described above.