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    Straight UIX or UIX in JSP easier transition to JSF?

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      I have read that UIX documents will be translatable to JSF documents in the production release of JDeveloper 10g. What I'm wondering is, if we intend to use JSF as that standard evolves, but we want to leverage the features of UIX today, are we better of going whole-hog and creating .uix pages, or are we just as well off if we merely use the UIX JSP tags?

      It seemed to me like the UIX JSP tags were less proprietary than straight UIX pages, and so I was pushing my organization in that direction. But now it seems to me like UIX pages might provide a better foundation for a transition to JSF, since the UIX framework as a whole maps onto more of what JSF provides than just a tag library would.

      Please keep in mind that I am new to UIX and only vaguely familiar with JSF as well. Could someone please provide an overview of the relative benefits of these migration paths?
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          UIX pages built in XML will, generally speaking, be much easier to migrate to the coming versions of JSF-based UIX, as the roadmap suggests.

          With UIX JSP documents, we may be able to upgrade some subsets of documents automatically, but in all honesty the story isn't nearly as clear. JSPs let you write very free-form and unstructured code, which is often handy, but makes migration of arbitrary documents a much harder problem.

          Hope this helps.
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            Thanks, Adam, for this and all your answers today.

            It's looking to me now like UIX might be the best way for us to get a jump-start on JSF. If we go with UIX, you'll translate the pages to JSF for us, but if we go with JSP, we'll have to migrate the pages to JSF ourselves.