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    UIX JSP Expression Language Syntax

      I'm using the JDev 10g preview. In my uix-config.xml, I have the following:

      <application-configuration debug="true">

      In Section 16 of the "Oracle ADF UIX Developer's Guide":"Using the ADF UIX JSP Tag Libraries", all of the examples use the expression language much as it is used in JSTL, e.g. "${ bean.property }". But when I try this, I get an exception message showing that the "${}" has been doubled. The el only works in my JSP if I say just "bean.property" as in:

      <uix:text textBinding="bean.property" />


      <uix:text textBinding="${ bean.property }" />

      throws the exception.

      Are these alternative syntaxes that can be selected through the settings?