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    Access object wrapped as 'current'

      I am using JDev 10g preview. The UIX tags in my JSP are shown at the bottom of this post. The outer loop works and creates three 'choice' elements, each with the appropriate header text. But the inner loop, to populate the options of the choices, is not working. 'membersByPanelDimension' is a Map which gets lazily initialized when first accessed, and I can see in my debug output that the Set of members for each dimension is indeed being populated. When the Map is accessed, I've also added some debugging code to see what is being passed as the key. The Map is keyed on 'PanelDimension' objects, but the objects being passed at runtime print as shown below. Is there a property on the 'current' object that will return the object it is wrapping? I don't see anything in the javadoc for IntrospectionAdapter that would do this.

      03/11/12 15:08:36 membersByPanelDimension.get(oracle.cabo.ui.data.bean.IntrospectionAdapter$MutableIntrospectionAdapter[com.avega.portlets.domain.PanelDimension@20cc])

      03/11/12 15:08:36 membersByPanelDimension.get(oracle.cabo.ui.data.bean.IntrospectionAdapter$MutableIntrospectionAdapter[com.avega.portlets.domain.PanelDimension@20d2])

      03/11/12 15:08:36 membersByPanelDimension.get(oracle.cabo.ui.data.bean.IntrospectionAdapter$MutableIntrospectionAdapter[com.avega.portlets.domain.PanelDimension@20c6])

          <uix:form name="theForm">
              <uix:text text="Dimensions"></uix:text>
                <uix:contents childDataBinding="httpSession.pageBean.controlViewBean.panelDimensions">
                  <uix:text textBinding="uix.current.portletDimension.name" />
                  <uix:choice nameBinding="uix.current.portletDimension.name">
                    <uix:contents childDataBinding="httpSession.pageBean.controlViewBean.membersByPanelDimension[ uix.current ]">
                      <uix:option textBinding="uix.current" valueBinding="uix.current" />