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      sorry about the repost but my previous posts were under the name LOV field and this may cause misunderstandings as the text in the message refers to the lovInput.
      please bare with the inconvenience.

      here is the problem again

      I used the <lovInput> tag. If I have the SelectCallBack function in the main page which has the <lovInput> tag do I have to pass any params to that function? the example has no params passed but the function takes 3 params?

      If I have the SelectCallBack included... , from my popup page I am not getting redirected to the main page if I hit select. any suggestions.

      this is the code of my pop up
      there is no script in the pop up page. Do I need script to handle the values that need to be sent back to the main page.

      and how to get the table to work!!
       <uix:listOfValues title="LOV#1" searchText="" >
                        <uix:styledText text="Example Column1" />
              <uix:choice  name = "dept">
                  <uix:option text = "Choice 1" />
                  <uix:option text = "Choice 2" />
                  <uix:option text = "Choice 3" />
            </uix:filterChoice >
            <uix:headerInstructions >
                <uix:styledText text =" this is the header. Place a valid information" />
            <uix:searchInstructions  >
                <uix:styledText text =" These are the search Instructions" />
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          the question concerned about this post is solved. I could get it redirected back to the main page.
          The popup is showing up now.

          How ever what is the meaning of the script error (_monitor undefined)???

          and if I have a choice list with some values and I select one of the values and hit select the call back returns with empty string for the returned value ie I get this

          SelectCallBack called fieldName:'TestingLOV'value:'

          any help here.

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            there were some responses to this under another thread, here:
            lovinput HELP
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              Jonas Jacobi has posted the lovInput demo at: http://jjacobi.blogspot.com/
              This is a 10g preview project containing a complete working LOV with a standalone datasource.
              Thanks Jonas!