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    uix table in  a jsp with ListOfValues

      I have a bit of problem with providing the data in a table for the ListOfValues when using the LOV in jsp page.

      why doesn't this work
                   <uix:table name="Tab1"  >
                      <uix:singleSelection /> 
                      <row simpleText="Row 0" /> 
                      <row simpleText="Row 1" /> 
                      <row simpleText="Row 2" /> 
                      <row simpleText="Row 3" /> 
                      <row simpleText="Row 4" /> 
                      <boundText select="simpleText" /> 
                      <boundText select="simpleText" /> 
                      Same text in each row 
      the error is at tableData, row and bountText. What are the equivalant to these tags in my example(jsp:uix)??

      i cannot get this table going to get the LOV to work. The examples and the dev guide give the examples in pure uix but none that I am facing the problem with!
      also does the lovSelect run automatically or do we have to script for what is selected in the popup??

      to get the LOV working what are the other attrib's required in the <uix:table> tag for this simple scenario.

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          Please read the UIX JSP chapter in the Developers Guide. You cannot provide data inline using tableData in JSPs. You need to use scriptlets or some other mechansim.

          Ps. I hope you have seen that the UIX forum has moved and is now consolidated with the JDeveloper Forum.

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