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    Training for Life Sciences Platform

      Hi Everyone -
      I'm just looking for the final piece of the puzzle here, so please correct me if I've missed the obvious.
      I'm a DBA and my company is seriously considering implementing a Life Sciences Platform. Upon investigating what this actually means, I discovered that it is just a combination of various Oracle products pieced together to form whatever setup/environment is needed.
      Is there or are there plans to have a Life Sciences training course, where the features that could potentially constitute a LS Platform are explained in more detail and an explaination of how to piece together all these features is laid out like it would be for any other product? I'd like to learn about how these features are actually used in a LS Platform as opposed to having to take 5 or 6 separate courses for each feature and trial/error how they all fit together. Does anyone know of any training available for planning, installing, and managing all the features of a LS Platform? I'm not interested in developing an application that does all the science stuff, just doing the DBA part of it all.
      Thanks in advance for any help,
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          Charlie Berger-Oracle
          There will be a NEW Oracle Life Sciences Oracle University Course that covers the majority of the new 10g Life Sciences oriented features e.g. BLAST, Statistics, Regular Expression Searches, Heterogeneous Transportable Tablespaces, Network Data Model, Grid, etc. that will be delivered to coincide with the 10g release.

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            Thanks for your response Charles - please keep us posted on the dates of this training when they are announced. In the meantime I'll continue to review the features outlines in the 10g Life Sciences Platform Overview data sheet.
            Talk to you soon
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              Charlie Berger-Oracle
              We are planning on making the new OU course available for viewing to attendees of the Feb. 5th Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting in London. Here is the link for the OLSUGM

              Oracle Life Sciences Day/User Group Meetings
              Coming Soon! 3rd Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting (Imperial College, London), February 5, 2004
              To register please send an e-mail stating your name, job title and organization to evelyn.farrell@oracle.com.
              The deadline for submitting a presentation abstract is January 5, 2004.