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    Compiler Tree API question

      How can I get a DeclaredType for a parameterized type when walking the ast using the CompilerTree API. My approach looks like this:
           public Object visitVariable(VariableTree node, Trees trees)
                VariableElement varElement = (VariableElement)trees.getElement(trees.getPath(this.cu,node));
                TypeMirror mirror = varElement.asType();
                //Get TypeMirror for type parameters
                //How is this done?
                Tree type = node.getType();
                if(type instanceof ParameterizedTypeTree)
                     ParameterizedTypeTree ptt = (ParameterizedTypeTree)type;
                     List<? extends Tree> args = ptt.getTypeArguments();
                     TypeMirror [] typeArgs = ... ;//??????
                     TypeElement te=(TypeElement) varElement.asType();
                     DeclaredType typeParamsSubstituted = types.getDeclaredType(te, typeArgs);
      Unfortunately I don't know how to get the TypeMirrors for the type args and therefore I am not able to construct the DeclaredType.