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    The perfect java compiler

      I have been working on my own java compiler. I have finaly got it finished and I would like to release it t the public now. Here are some of its details.

      ~It is very easy to use
      ~It keeps a log of all the files
      ~It works just like the java compiler
      ~It makes the .class files

      you can download at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZS131HXC

      If you download it please post here on how you like it
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          ~It is very easy to use
          the real one is very easy to use
          ~It keeps a log of all the files
          why would you want to?
          ~It works just like the java compiler
          WOW, a Java compiler that works like a Java compiler...
          ~It makes the .class files
          WOW, a Java compiler that creates classfiles.

          So what exactly sets it apart from the real thing? Except being hosted on a site that bombards me with advertising and suspicious "download managers"?
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            'perfect java compiler'

            Is that a warranty?

            Can you offer any justification for this outrageous claim?
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              Ok guys,
              It is alot easier then going through the cmd and all that stuff! If you dont like i want to see the ones you 2 made!
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                I haven't built a production compiler for 15 years, but the implication that I need to have written a compiler to make comments about yours is merely fallacious.

                I would need a lot more convincing to use anything other than Sun's compiler than the information you've provided so far, which is essentially zero.

                Would you like to answer some questions:

                1. What is the size and nature of the support organization behind this compiler? What confidence can I have that it will still be there and releasing compiler updates for new versions of Java every year or so for say the next ten years?

                2. What technology is your compiler written with? Did you use a version of lex or flex for lexical analysis? What parsing technology: LALR(1)? LL(1)? recursive descent? Did you use a version of yacc, or Javacc, or some other parser generator? Did you use the Java grammar distributed with JavaCC? if so, which version? If not, why not?

                3. Which if any of the following are implemented in your compiler?

                - constant folding
                - strength reduction
                - code hoisting
                - common subexpression elimination
                - algebraic identity removal
                - loop unrolling
                - dead code elimination
                - redundant load & store elimination
                - peephole optimization
                - branch to branch elimination
                - constant propagation
                - copy propagation
                - dead store elimination
                - invariant code motion
                - induction variable elimination

                4. Does your compiler pass the bootstrap test?

                5. Does it pass the Sun compatibility tests? Does it compile the JDK? and does the resulting JDK pass the Sun compatibility tests?

                6. Has it been certified by Sun, and if not do you have any plans to get it certified?

                7. What unique features does it provide that would make me switch from a compiler whose command line I've been using for ten years already and which is already integrated into ANT and every Java IDE I've ever used?

                and also the questions I asked before which you haven't addressed:

                8. 'perfect java compiler' - is that a warranty?

                9. What justification do you offer for this claim?
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                  Given the lack of background information, I had a 'doubt', as we say here, whether you had written a Java compiler at all. Maybe it was really some kind of front-end for the existing compiler?

                  So I downloaded your 'perfect compiler', ignoring the stupid 45-second wait while I was supposed to be staring at all the popup advertisements. After briefly wondering why you are distributing Java software as RAR files instead of JAR files, I immediately starting wondering why it was only 6k and what amazing kind of new compiler technology this could possibly be.

                  It turns out that what you have written is a 6k Windows .bat file. This my friend is not a compiler, it is a batch file, and a platform-dependent batch file at that.

                  I've written about a thousand of those, and about a million batch files altogether, not to mention half a dozen real compilers. But I would never have the gall to describe any of those as 'perfect'. And I would only describe the real compilers as compilers. Batch files are batch files, simple as that. You might as well say you had written an operating system.

                  Not a compiler, and not perfect either.

                  And you my friend are a mendacious nitwit.
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                    And you my friend are a mendacious nitwit.
                    But one with a truly original way of demonstrating that.