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    Help Debuggin and Applet

      I will describe a little what I am doing so you might be able to give me a great idea.

      I am working on a Java project using free-form in Netbeans. It is a project where a Java application starts as a TCP server then followed by an applet through appletviewer which connects via TCP to the server. I got the IDE debugging working for the TCP server (application), but the breakpoints do not seem to work for the applet code...and having difficulty configuring the ide-targets.xml file to automatically delay a few seconds, then launch the appltviewer, while still maintaining a debugger environment.

      My alternate plan is to use the Netbeans IDE debugger for the server solution, and separately launch ddd debugger since it now supports Java with a script solution.

      I cannot figure out how to load an Applet solution into ddd. It seems to expect "main" which does not exist. I would also like a bash script to launch the solution with all the dependencies.

      I know about the appletviewer -debug option.


      ddd -gdb *****

      Does anyone know how to bring an Applet into DDD, and have a script solution I am looking for?

      Thanks in advance.