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    creating a new class instance in the target VM exception


      The following error appeared when i was trying to instantiate a new object by "new", After the error was thrown , everything just hanged ....

      ExceptionEvent@java.lang.ClassLoader.findBootstrapClass(java.lang.String)+-1 in thread Thread-0

      I tried creating a new instance of any class i wrote it gave me the same behaviour. But when i create a new instance of any of the JRE's (BufferedReader for example) classes it runs normally.

      The error seems to be thrown only in dynamic loading because i tried inheriting from a class i wrote and invoking super() it executed normally. Also the problem is not from setting the class path because i am correctly passing the class path to the target virtual machine.

      So what is the problem ? Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Ahmed Ashmawy