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    Conference on Java, Agile, Ajax, Web 2.0, Mashups, and More [Bangalore, May

      Conference and Workshop on Java Enterprise, Agile, JDK, Mobile, Spring, BPEL, EJB 3, Eclipse, Java EE, Cloud Computing and more..

      If you work on Java there�s no way you can afford to miss the Daring Java Conference @ Developer Summit 2008, being held May 22-23 in Bangalore. And there�s no reason to either. The first-of-its-kind conference offers the ultimate value of leading-edge skills and luminary speakers from the works over. From frameworks and middleware technologies to Open Source Java, Java Mobile, and real time technologies, you will come back to work more productive and valuable to your company. So if you�re keen on taking your knowledge and your capabilities beyond mere industry standards, you know where you need to be!

      To know more about the benefits and the registration procedure visit the summit on the Web http://developersummit.com/conference.html#java.

      On May 23 2008, Java technology transitions into teenage years. Celebrate this achievement at the �Java Teenage Party� on the evening May 23, which will conclude the Daring Java conference.

      You will not find talks of this caliber at other events. Some very good speakers are already lined up (http://developersummit.com/speakers.html)
      �     The Future of Enterprise Java by Jim Farley
      �     Building Java-based Cloud Architectures by Amazon's Jinesh Varia
      �     Using Persistent Java Objects in Multiple Tiers by Craig Russell
      �     Enterprise Mashups Using Java by Greg Murray
      �     Java Performance Tooling by Holly Cummins
      �     Beginning Drools - Rule Engines in Java by Brian Sam-Bodden
      �     Develop Secured Ajax Applications by Olivier Poupeney
      �     Leveraging Open Source in Java EE Projects by Peter Thomas
      �     Web Services Development in Java without JEE by Sanjaya Karunasena
      �     Ajax and Comet: Implementing the Real-Time Web by Alessandro Alinone
      �     EJB 3 Java Persistence API in Action by Deb Panda
      The workshops include:
      �     Workshop: Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java
      �     Workshop: Master Class: The Elements of User Experience
      �     Workshop: SQL Server 2008 Deep Dive
      �     Workshop: Java Data Objects Tutorial
      �     Workshop: Wicket, Spring and Hibernate: Putting It all Together
      �     Workshop: Harnessing Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)
      �     Workshop: Parachuting Into Brownfields
      �     Workshop: Acceptance Test-Driven Development

      You can register online: http://developersummit.com/registration.html

      #3/18, Corporation Buildiing, Residency Road, Bangalore - 560 025
      ph +91 80 4005 1000 Fax: +91 80 2221 0148 Email: info@saltmarchmedia.com
      Conference venue: J N Tata Auditorium IIsc, Bangalore- 560025