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    Question about GetStackTrace and if a method did run

      I'd like to sample a thread with JVMTI. However, when I compare two traces, I can't be sure if the stack is the same because the method didn't run, or the stack is the same because there were two calls.
      Is there any way to find out if the stack is the same? I'm aware about the frame pop notification, but I think it might result in a high overhead by enabling the can_generate_frame_pop_events. Also by the time I call NotifyFramePop the stack might be different, therefore I would need to suspend the thread prior to getting the stacktrace. And the FramePop event might be issued from the thread I want to sample, which could result in overhead and I'd need to synchronize access to my data structures - both things that I try to avoid ;).

      Is there a way to tag jvmtiFrameInfos or something similar?