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Memory issue on solaris ?

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Hi all,
I have an {color:#ff6600}application which uses JNI{color}.It works on windows and the{color:#ff0000} memory consumption on windows is about 30MB {color}while the same application on{color:#ff0000} solaris{color} seems to consume more memory about {color:#ff0000}200MB.{color}If I {color:#ff0000}run {color}the {color:#ff0000}application iteratively{color} then the memory consumption on solaris seems to be{color:#ff0000} relatively less from the second iteration{color} ({color:#339966}about 5MB{color}).I used the {color:#ff0000}jconsole tool{color} which shows me a {color:#ff0000}constant memory consumption for the non-Heap usage{color} about {color:#ff0000}10MB{color}.I used the {color:#ff0000}rss field by using the command ps <pid> -o rss{color}.The {color:#ff0000}rss shows me a lot of consumption{color} {color:#ff0000}which not the same with jconsole.{color}
Some other options i have tried are {color:#ff0000}-Xms10m and -Xmx20m{color} when i run the Java application.But they dont seem to help as there is {color:#ff0000}no change in the rss values{color}.
Please help me to clear this one.