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    Netbeans-android plugin problem

      Hi to all,
      Because i love netbeans i am very glad for the android plugin..

      On topic, a have installed everything including the plugin and the android skd and after making a new project and passing-compiling the code i get this:

      Updating zip: /home/stavros/NetBeansProjects/HelloAndroid/dist/HelloAndroid.apk_
      Using keystore: /home/stavros/.android/debug.keystore----------------------------------------------------->red line
      Deleting: /home/stavros/NetBeansProjects/HelloAndroid/dist/HelloAndroid.apk_
      Result: 255----------------------------------------------------->red line
      83 KB/s (3938 bytes in 0.045s)----------------------------------------------------->red line
      pkg: /data/local/tmp/HelloAndroid.apk
      About to start org.me.hello/org.me.hello.MainActivity
      Starting: Intent { cmp=org.me.hello/.MainActivity }
      BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 minute 19 seconds)

      I tried many things including changing locale(although it is US as has to be) deleting debug.keystore and netbeans recreated but nothing...
      I have been trying 2 days to solve the problem, i saw many topics many forums i tried everything but nothing.. Can anyone help me?

      Thanks in advance...