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    jdk uninstall and setup problem

      Sorry for my english I am a foreigner.
      I have been developing Java applications in the past on another Computer. I wanted to set up JCreator to work with this hp laptop lately. I tried to install the Jdk and I unzipped the docs into the right directory like the setting up guide says. Afterwards I gave Jcreator the paths it needed (jdk and docs). I tried to compile a simple program but it wouldn't work. I got an error about missing the main class. I checked the directories and it had the directories but no classes. I tried to uninstall and install the jdk several times. Then I deleted everything related to the jdk via shift+del from my computer. Then I tried to reinstall the jdk but it wouldnt work no matter how hard I tried. It tried to uninstall it but then it goes back to the install screen and says again: You have a version of this software installed. Do you want to reinstall? I also used CCleaner to uninstall the jdk 1.6 17 but somehow it is successfull but if you open ccleaner again the jdk is there again.

      Has somebody had this problem before?

      thank you in advance