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    Error code 143 on JVM exit


      I have a program (with multiple threads, running under MS-Windows) which works fine almost all the time.
      In one case, it terminated unexpectedly, and the exit code (via ERRORLEVEL) is 143.
      There are no other outputs in order to diagnose the problem.

      I would like to know what the error code 143 exactly means.
      Can anybody give me an advice?


      Sabrina Werscheid
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          Note: my program doesn't set the error code 143 via System.exit(0) itself, so it must come via the JVM.
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            143 - "Internal field must be valid"

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              It might be:
              1. Some java code was calling System.exit() - Did you search for System.exit in your code (You will be amazed what you will find when other people are invloved...)
              2. Some jni code was calling exit(); do you have JNI in your code?
              3. An external process was killing the process - Do you have any type of monitor on your process?
              4. And the most common I had is when the JVM watches for consol control events by default (such as CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT) and shuts down if it receives these events... You can prevent this by simply using the -Xrs option at startup.

              Hope it helped...
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                I hope people there is reading old posts too. I have the same problem with code 143. JVM exits unexpectedly, but I believe it is specific block of code which acts differently. I`m trying solution with -Xrs switch, but I`m sure I have no JNI and there is no System.exit() in code at all. Also I know there is no external processes which asks JVM to close.

                I have running special FIT tests in child-jvm as ANT task. The exiting is ANT task, not my FIT tests, but at the same time this is not happening on any other processes.
                I can`t found any references about "Internal field must be valid". What does it mean? What and where to search for problem?

                Any other ideas?

                Using JVM 1.5.14
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                  Finally I found my issue. Actually there was an external process which kills this java sub-process and all I can see was 143 exitcode. The -Xrs switch didn`t helped at all.
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                    Hi - if possible, could you please provide more details on what kind of program was trying to kill the java process? And could you please throw light on how you have found out the cause?

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                      In my case there was an Anthill agent process which is running Ant. There was a 10 minutes limit on Ant process (build) so master process was killing it after every 10 minutes. I have no special procedure to catch the problem, I just found what was happening.