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    From where do I get a KDC?

      Hi all,

      Could anyone tell me from where I can get a KDC?

      Can "Apache DS" act like a KDC?

      Also, I want to implement the JAAS and GSS-API examples given in sun's website. So for implementing these examples, do I need a KDC?

      I am really sorry for this newbie question, but I am having a difficult time understanding if a KDC is required or does the api itself provide the KDC.

      Thank you.

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          1. Windows server (from 2000) is itself a KDC, just configure and start the "active directory" service.
          2. most linux/unix distros have kdc support, use the platform package installer and find kdc and install
          3. download source or binary from MIT or Heimdal
          4. more...