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    Can an applet talk to a local process?

      I'm writing software for a hardware device that I want to work with web pages that want to support it. Let's say I have a Java process running on the local machine, and I want the web pages' JavaScript to communicate with that process via an applet in the browser, is this possible?

      For example, is it possible for a web application to kick-start an applet in the browser that resides on the client's local machine (that they've pre-installed)? Then can this "local" applet use RMI to talk to the "device" process? Do I have to sign the applet? And can this applet talk seamlessly with the JavaScript in the web application?

      Or even better, can I kick-start an applet that resides on a third-party server (different from the web app) and still talk to the client's local machine process, without having to ask the user a security question every single time a new web app wants to do this?

      Many thanks,