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    How to Call subtemplate.rtf in maintemplate.rft in XML Publisher reports


      I am working on subtemplate in XML Publisher reports. I have subtemplate.rtf which will be called in maintemplate.rtf.

      1.Do i need to register subtemplate.rtf in oracle applications? If yes, what is code while creating data definition and template in XML PUBLISHER ADMINISTRATOR responsibility since i can't use code of maintemplate.rtf.

      2. To import the subtemplate.rtf in maintemplate.rtf, i found the following the syntax to be used in maintemplate.rtf


      What is TEMPLATE_CODE in above syntax? Is it the templatename of subtemplate.rtf in Oracle Applications or subtemplate.rtf name?

      It's very helpful if anybody can explain to me the complete procedure.

      Awaiting your reply!

      Thanks in advance.