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      What are the bandwidth recommendations for COD web interface use?
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          I have a document that has the bandwidth requirements for the stand alone version of COD. If you want the whole doc, email me. jim.orten at amxinc.com

               Sustainable avg round trip =< 200ms between Agent’s Workstation & Call Center On Demand
               Packet Loss of Not Greater Than 2% on any single hop No Greater Than 1 ping/hr > 300 ms

               15 kb/agent for Agent application
               25-30kb/agent for Supervisor application
               **30k+ for Bundled Contact/CRM**
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            Jim has it pretty much correct. Here are the latest numbers:

            Sustainable avg round trip <=300ms between Agents PC and CCOD . Packet loss not greater than 2% on any single hop
            Bandwidth (Excluding VOIP)
            30 kb per Agent login
            70 kb Supervisor login
            40 – 50 kb per CRM Bundled login

            VOIP Bandwidth
            180k/agent (VOIP traffic only) bandwidth plus bandwidth requirement above