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    Data Modeler: Slow responsiveness with large Models

      Hello out there,
      last week, I downloaded the newest Data Modeler and imported a model from the data dictionary.
      The model contains 715 tables, 8792 columns and 747 indexes.
      Now I'm observing performance issues when modifying the graphical representation. When I'm dragging a table, it takes about 10s having it repainted. Wenn I'm trying to modify the size of a table icon, the table is painted gray which takes about 10s and then repainted in its original color which takes another 10s.

      I tested this with a small test model and there the responsiveness is much better so it seems that the repainting slows down with larger models.
      Is this a known issue? Can I circumvent this in any way?

      I'm using with included JDK on Windows XP. The computer has 3GB memory.