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      I'm really bad in English so i ll just explain like i can..

      I'm using Oracle Service Bus 11Gr3 and i got some issues in my project.

      I made a Proxy service that it call another one.
      So in the message flox of the first one i made a route node follow by a route which "pointe"(french word) on the second one.

      My first proxy read a jms file which i correclty create (with environment and factory), then it translate the txml format message and make a Xquery Transformation. After this i call my second proxy with the result of the XQ transformation.

      When i start the first proxy i got this error :
                System Error Handler
           <con:fault      xmlns:con="http://www.bea.com/wli/sb/context">

      I've also got this error in mediation of type proxy -> business and also proxy -> proxy.

      thanks for answer me