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oo4o and query field datatyped timestamp

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Hello guys I have never crossed this issue in the past but when i query an oracle table with oo4o with a field datatyped as timestamp. i get an error. I think this is a limitiations of oo4o but i like to hear from anyone who has have this issue or how they overcomed the issue.
any help is greatly appreciated.

the error i get when i run the below code is

application define error or object define error.

here a vb code spinet of what im trying to do.
Sub timestampTest()

    Sql = "select activity_date from ftcractg"
    Set OraDynaset = OBJDATABASE.DBCreateDynaset(Sql, 0)

    If OraDynaset.RecordCount > 0 Then
        For x = 0 To OraDynaset.Fields.count - 1
            Cells(1, x + 1) = OraDynaset.Fields(x).Name

        For Y = 0 To OraDynaset.RecordCount - 1
            For x = 0 To OraDynaset.Fields.count - 1
                Cells(Y + 2, x + 1) = OraDynaset.Fields(x).Value
    End If

            Selection.Font.Bold = True

End Sub


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