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    Dynamic select list as APEX plug-in custom attribute?

      I'm developing a region plug-in in APEX 4.0.1. I wanted to make one of the custom attributes a select list where the options offered were the current application list templates (queried from the <tt>apex_application_temp_list</tt> view: the rendered plug-in region should be styled using a standard list template from the current theme). However, the Select List plug-in custom attribute type only appears to support static lists. Can anyone confirm that I've not missed anything and that this is indeed the case?

      If so, it seems that the plug-in will have to rely on developers typing a list template name into a text box, which is far from ideal. (Unless anyone can suggest a workaround?)

      Component specific templates can be applied to several built-in component types&mdash;lists, calendars, reports&mdash;so it would make sense for there to be a similar capability for plug-ins where these are congruent with an existing template type, e.g. by providing a Template Picker plug-in custom attribute type.
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          Patrick Wolf-Oracle

          you have not missed anything. Plug-in attributes of type "Select List" just support static values. And I'm not sure if a query based Select List would really help, because what happens if the template is deleted. Or in the reports where it shows if the template is in use.

          So I think your second approach to extend plug-in attributes to link to certain shared components (Lists, Templates) is the better way forward, because that will also allow us to know what you are actually referencing and we can use that information in reports, delete operations, ...

          Will add it to possible enhancements for 4.1

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