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    getting good performance from Amazon AWS EBS disks

      Hi, I am new here, so please let me know if I should be posting somewhere else.

      We are using the Amazon cloud and striped EBS disks for Oracle DB 11g. We have done many tests trying to get good performance from the disks but it is still lacking. I am looking for some Oracle best practices for how to best set up the disks in Amazon. Or if any of you have suggestions of good parameters.

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          Fadi Samara Guest
          Oracle talked much about cloud and they did very little, Oracle cloud computing is amateur for performance testing.

          Oracle deployed one EBS AMI (Oracle Enterprise Database) to APAC (Asia Pacific region), later on they withdrew that AMI, any one used that AMI to build an infrastructure they couldn't re launch that AMI.

          By now Oracle has no one single EBS AMI in Asia Pacific region!

          As you can see from this forum, it's not monitored by Oracle cloud people, many times we tried to contact them for urgent AMI we needed they simply don't reply back.

          You could find much documents, presentations and nice animations talking about Oracle cloud but oracle has nothing to do on Amazon cloud so far, so try to find alternatives.