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    WLS console : ServletContainerAdapter manager not initialized correctly

    Jan Vervecken

      Please consider this scenario (sc1) using JDeveloper :

      - (sc1-a) Make sure the IntegratedWebLogicServer is down (process exited).
      - (sc1-b) Run a page in a web application (like an ADF Faces JSF JSP page), which will start the IntegratedWebLogicServer and will deploy the web application.
      - (sc1-c) Open a browser and request http://localhost:7101/console (no need to authenticate) which causes the "IntegratedWebLogicServer - Log" panel in JDeveloper to show:
      <Logger><error> ServletContainerAdapter manager not initialized correctly.
      - (q1) How can this error message in the WebLogic Server log be explained, what does it mean?
      - (q2) Has this behaviour or error message been documented? Where?
      - (q3) Are there other scenario's causing the same "ServletContainerAdapter manager not initialized correctly" error message?

      many thanks
      Jan Vervecken