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    Help needed : How to move OCR and Voting Disk

    Mahesh Menon
      Hi all experts...

      I am Mahesh. Working in DXB as DBA. We have serveral RAC installed clients. Among those one major client wants their OCR and Voting Disk to be moved from existing SAN to a new SAN which will be configured. Only OCR and Voting Disks needs to be moved.

      Oracle Clusterware,ASM and DB version
      Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition
      2-Node RAC
      OCR and Voting disks are on RAW devices (not on CFS or NFS)

      I have read the clusterware administration document and also Metalink Note 428681.1 for the same.

      But it does not contain information how to move it to another new RAW in a new SAN device. (we need to keep it in raw device itself)

      How to identify the new disk path from windows operating system ? Then only we can move the OCR and VD right ???

      Help me for the same please...

      Thanks & regards,
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          for the votingdisk use:
          crsctl add css votedisk <path> - adds a new voting disk
          crsctl delete css votedisk <path> - removes a voting disk

          for the ocr-file use:
          ocrconfig -replace ocr|ocrmirror [<filename>]

          Good luck
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            Mahesh Menon
            Thank you...
            I understand that these are the commands to do a move...

            But how to specify the <path> attribute which you have given in case of a raw storage in Windows...
            My question is how to find out the discovery path or how to specify the path....

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              Hello Mahesh,

              I think your research about OCR and VDisks are in rigth way...

              Use the ocopy utility on Windows to copy and repoint the location with crsctl add and remove commands to solve your issue.

              ocopy \\.\votedsk1 \\.\votedsk3

              Where \\.\vote1 is a raw and \\.\votedsk3 is another raw device on Windows (manage it with diskpart utility)

              crsctl delete css votedisk \\.\votedsk1_old -force
              crsctl add css votedisk \\.\votedsk1_new -force
              crsctl delete css votedisk \\.\votedsk3_old -force
              crsctl add css votedisk \\.\votedsk3_new -force

              Note: For 10g the cluster must be down

              ocrconfig -replace ocr \\.\new_ocr_location1 (raw device)
              ocrconfig -replace ocrmirror \\.\new_ocr_location2 (raw device)

              Note: The commands above can be done online with cluster online.

              I think you should take a look no Metalink note ID 428681.1 and ID 555273.1

              Best Regards,

              Rodrigo Mufalani
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                There is an undocumented way to replace the ocr disk. If you have an export of the ocr disk you can change the ocr location in the ocr.loc file and then do an import. It worked when all other commands failed when trying to do it the conventional way.

                Glenn Freeman
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                  How see discovery <PATH> for votingdisk or OCR
                  If you can see disk in disk management, and it is been initialized and set as logical partion then you use following

                  set oracle_home to crs home
                  cd into oracle_home/bin
                  run GUIOracleOBJManager.exe

                  This will open GUI which will show you the names of voting disk and OCR.
                  If you want to add new one then type name in "New Link" (dont rename the existing used partition)
                  Then go to options and commit and then Sync Nodes.

                  letus say you added name VOTEDSK15 then your <PATH> will be \\.\VOTEDSK15
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                    Adhika W
                    Hi Mashes,

                    Could you list out the steps you did after you create the link on the new SAN using GUIObjectManager.exe?
                    I tried on my VM and also in customer's test environment but I only successful using the following steps

                    1. shutdown asm service, database service, listener service, CRS, EVM and CSS
                    2. Object Manager Service is kept running
                    3. from both nodes I issued the following command

                    ocrconfig -repair \\.\OCRPRIMARY
                    ocrconfig -repair \\.\OCRMIRROR

                    4. according to metalink id 428681.1, I should do the following

                    ocrconfig -overwrite

                    However I was not successful because that command returns an error message (PROT-1: Failed to initialize ocr config).
                    Therefore, I ran the following command

                    ocrconfig -restore D:\oracle\1020\CRS\cdata\crs\backup00.ocr

                    5. after that command, ocrcheck giving me the result and the ocr primary and mirror have been moved to the new partition.
                    6. start the whole services starting from CSS, EVM, CRS, ASM, Listerner and Database service.

                    Although what I experienced seems a bit weird and not the same as what was written in metalink, the RAC is running fine until now.
                    What I would like to know is your experience on this. May be you can share it here.

                    Thank you,