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    vikas singhal

      i have a master with two detail form

      but i addes a coloumn in detail after that when i enter_query and then execute_query then the error frm-40301

      please guide where i will check

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          you added a column in detail .. ARe you sure this column is exist in your table.

          I think this column is not in your table due to this error showing.
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            vikas singhal
            i had checked but
            not find anything

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              Ammad Ahmed
              FRM-40301: Query caused no records to be retrieved. Re-enter.
              Possible reasons for this error.

              - Table is not having entry.
              - The search criteria which you are entering is not having any data in table.
              - Any list item/checkbox/radio item (added) is having not having any values which is in the table.

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                Bring up the "Display Error" screen (10g: Shift + Ctrl + E or 6i: Shift + F1) and copy the SQL Query to SQLPlus and run there. Typically, this will show you why you are getting no rows returned.

                Hope this helps,
                Craig B-)

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