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    gc frequency increses

      I set the flag -Xmax=12g for my app. At initial launch, garbage collection happens when
      young generation reaches around 3G, gc time takes around 0.5 seconds, the
      interval between gc is around 5minutes. After running for a few days, gc happens much
      more often than before, now every few seconds, there is a gc happening. The
      good thing is that it took very short-- 0.05 seconds. I am just curious
      about why JVM kicks off gc that often.

      Can anyone shed some light on it?

      97.788: [GC [PSYoungGen: 3036448K->643872K(3308800K)] 4194717K->1855973K(
      7503104K), 0.5798960 secs]

      After a week:
      622400.501: [GC [PSYoungGen: 69152K->960K(69120K)] 6433088K->6365104K(
      8457728K), 0.0405890 secs]