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    Client VM Memmory usage on laptop: 50MB en 220 MB on server!

      I am developing an web applications that runs on the Tomcat Application server.
      Wen i'm testing it on my laptop (WindowXP) the application only needs about 50 MB of memory (read from taskmanager).

      But when i deploy me application on tomcat.. And start tomcat with the following VM arguments:
       client -Xmx40m 
      If i use no arguments i get the following message when invoking java:
      Could not create the Java virtual machine.

      They both use a 1.5 VM...

      Note that i read the memory usage on the linux server from the commandline argument top. The VIRT collumn says 221m for the process: java

      Note that my server is a virtual server thus not a physical one...

      It is really frustrating because i ordered more memory ( now 256 MB ) an it costs me money each month.. but java is too large to run on the server! (in memory usage).

      Whay should i do?

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