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    Newbie to the crystal report with Java

      Hi All,

      I am a new bie to using crystal report with Java. I have googled about how can I use java to generate crystal report and deploy to the crystal report enterprise server. I have found information regarding this from BusinessObject's website. I want to know that is there any opensource alternative available for this BusinessObject's crystal report Solutions. I know about jasper reports but I want to use crystal reports. I need to create crystal report with java code dynamically and deploy it to the Crystal report enterprise server.

      Any Help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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          Two points:

          This is the Java Business Integration forum, dedicated to discussing aspects of the JBI standard. You might do better asking your question in a different, more appropriate forum.

          Crystal Reports has a Java Reporting Component. See [BusinessObjects.com|http://devlibrary.businessobjects.com/businessobjectsxir2/en/en/JRC_SDK/default.htm] for details. I don't know where you can find support for their Java API; it may be the case that you need to pay for it. If you already have Crystal Reports, don't you already have the Java Reporting Component?

          I'm not aware of any open-source alternatives to the CR Java API, but I'm no expert.


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