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    Getting errors while deploying JBI module

      HI All,
      I created a EJB WebServie and BPEL.Then made a composite Application (JBI module).While deploying the CompositeApplication,I am getting the following errors.

      WARNING: (JBIMA0405) Start of service assembly logCA succeeded partially; some service units failed to start.
      * Component: sun-bpel-engine
      ERROR: (BPJBI-4001:BPELSE) BPJBI-7004:Service unit logCA-BpelLog failed to load deployment D:\CAPS6.0\glassfish\domains\domain1\jbi\service-assemblies\logCA\logCA-BpelLog\sun-bpel-engine : BPCOR-6025:Business processes with duplicate id(QName) are not allowed in an engine. Business Process {http://enterprise.netbeans.org/bpel/BpelLog/BpelLog}BpelLog id already registered
      * Component: sun-javaee-engine
      INFO: (JBIMA0409) Lifecycle operation start succeeded for Service Unit logCA-loggerEJB.
      * Component: sun-http-binding
      INFO: (JBIMA0409) Lifecycle operation start succeeded for Service Unit logCA-sun-http-binding.
      BUILD FAILED (total time: 2 seconds)

      Please resolve.
      Thanks in advance,