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        Hi, Peter,

        The log4j exception is cosmetic and easy to fix.
        The BPEL exceptions are the known issue. I think it will disappear in the next openESB installer.

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          I appreciate this is not directly your area of expertise, but perhaps you could verify something for me:

          apparently, within the all-in-one download of openesb I most recently took, the bpel se is broken in such a way that

          a) restarting the ide and glassfish re-starts the 'fails to start' syndrome.
          b) the bpel-se engine components that are downloadable are not correct in terms of what is needed - the web page for the bpel-se details two library components that are needed, but there is evidently another that is not pointed to by the web site.

          I sure hope this gets sorted out with the next all in one build update. it's frustrating to have to deal with this sort of issue every time glassfish gets restarted...

          please advise,
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            Hi, Peter,

            We are virtually in a big team that everyone knows something in bpelse and worked on it in the past .
            Are you happened to use today's bpelse downloadable ?
            If so, one change just happened across the board, the sun-shared-util-library is superseded by sun-wsdl-ext-library (http://download.java.net/jbi/binaries/open-jbi-components/main/nightly/latest/ojc/wsdlextlib.jar), the website probably still states the old shared library but it is retired.
            Same thing for wlmse too, we are no longer using sun-shared-util-library.

            As the next openESB installer automatically installs the shared libraries, we assume this change to the users are minimal, the notice is broadcasted on users@open-esb.dev.java.net and dev@open-esb.dev.java.net (both are very useful mailing list since most of questions are answered timely )

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              Hi Mei,

              thank you so much for the pointer to the new jar file.

              that is exactly the issue - the web site was not as up to date as the jar file for the bpel se, and I couldn't find the needed jar file.

              I will take a look at email lists you mentioned.

              much appreciated.

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                Hi Peter,
                I was able to run from downloading bundled OpenEsb daily build that has WLM SE in it.
                There was some problems with browsers and only Firefox did work with the sample project.
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                  Hi Teodoro,

                  Congratulations ! I am fighting with this samples to make it run but not successfully ! Can you assist and tell us how did you proceed ?
                  I am proceeding according document: WLMSE_JAVAONE_2007_SAMPLE_INSTRUCTION.pdf. But no success ! I successfully ran "cheap bpel test", but when involved WLM, it gets nothing on the web GUI. I see empty tasks and also I see no records in the database.
                  I am using 64b JDK jdk1.5.0_17 for netbeans and glassfish. Open ESB installed with glassfishesb-full-installer-windows.exe from https://open-esb.dev.java.net/Downloads.html having latest stable open esb. Please can you advise how did you proceeded to success ?

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                    Hi, Martin,

                    I fully understand your frustration.
                    I expect the link to be fixed very soon, thank your for your patience and sorry about this inconvenience.

                    BTW, the latest WLMSE in openESB installer is coming out with a much better editor, but before it makes its debut, we are working on to stabilize it a bit more.

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                      Here is, I'm sorry to respond it late... I don't check the list very often.

                      1. I used the same document.
                      2. downloaded openesb netbeans bundle that includes glassfish openesb:

                      Product Version: NetBeans IDE 6.1 (Build 200812070222)
                      Java: 1.5.0_16; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.5.0_16-132
                      System: Mac OS X version 10.4.11 running on i386; MacRoman; en_US (nb)

                      3. downloaded worklist manager project from WLMSE wiki.
                      4. rebuilt it.
                      5. Check WORKFLOWDB on derby, and if glassfish has connection pool set and working.
                      6. make sure you created users and groups on glassfish security file realm and if they match on web.xml and sun-web.xml security,
                      7. create a new test case on CASA project.
                      8. run CASA project on debug mode, with breakpoints on the BPEL project, follow the steps. check the database for new data.
                      9. bring FIREFOX web brower up, and log on the worklist manager. It only works with Firefox otherwise you get it blank as you are seen.

                      Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.4; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120121 Firefox/3.0.5
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                        Hi Mei,

                        I was thinking about using WLMSE not just for exception human interactions with the process but also to start different processes, very close to a workflow.
                        I'd need forms ready to be filled and sent to the engine, roughly speaking. So besides the tasks on the queue I'll need a list of new tasks.
                        The sample WLMSE project shows the exception case only. Is WLMSE able to accomplish it ?
                        Do you have an example that I can look at ?
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                          In fact, please try the new samples running on the latest GFESB, please see the user guide here:

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                            Hi Teodoro,

                            I will add this request to our to-do list, right now BPEL is the partner to WLM

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                              Hi Mei,

                              Thanks for your example is running on nightly build now ! Build 200902220201.

                              Just I needed to fix one problem, in both casa applications after "clean & build" I needed to fix manually:


                              to (as in may case):


                              The rest went fine !
                              Many thanks.

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                                Hi, Ivan

                                Yeah, I have put this step into wiki, it is probably a bug in Casa.
                                # You may need set server instance if you deploy this project the first time, right click on WorklistWebCompositeApp and open Properties, set glassfish instance in

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